What We Do

Tragic to Magic pulls together a core team of animal advocates, veterinarians, volunteers, and strategic partners to develop local outreach and to rescue and treat as many animals as we can handle. Dogs, cats, and horses in need are rescued from the immediate Rosarito area, including tragic cases that would otherwise not survive.

Our Intentions

Dog breeding, which is rampant in the Baja Mexico area, needs to be addressed on a social and educational level. We intend to work with local veterinarians and media to develop a public message as to why this perpetuates substantial problems and why adoption is a better choice.

How You Can Help

Most rescues need immediate veterinary care. Some need serious, ongoing treatment. Since we do not have a central sanctuary at this time, we house the animals at our own homes. We cannot do this without passionate people like you! If you'd like to be a part of our family and help these amazing animals, please consider adopting, fostering, or donating.

“I love finding rescues that have a greater mission than finding the most desirable breeds so they can adopt them out. Follow this amazing rescue! They take in the most tragic cases and find them loving homes!”