Our Mission

For the countless animals that are abandoned, abused, malnourished and unwanted, we provide sterilization, immunization and critical vet care and then find them a forever home.

The Need

We are in the Baja California region and see first hand the homeless, hungry, scared and sometimes sick dogs on the streets.

We take the animals in and keep the animals in our homes until they are fully vetted and ready to find a new home. We are just 3 people doing the actual rescue so we attempt to operate on a one-in one-put bases. Therefore, we work very hard doing adoption events, networking with other rescues and using social media to find them homes. We have saved over 120 animals in 2017.

Tragic to Magic pulls together a core team of animal advocates, vets, volunteers, and strategic partners to develop local outreach, Spay and Neuter clinics, rescue missions, and weekend adoption events in Mexico and San Diego.

We depend on fosters and donations to keep doing what we are doing.

Tragic to Magic is a tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization and our EIN#: 81-1899131

What Differentiates Us

Even though kittens and puppies are easiest to adopt, we do not discriminate. We are committed to helping all dogs and cats, no matter if they are elderly, maimed or not-so-pretty. We know extra care is needed for these unwanted animals, but we will provide it no matter how long it takes to find them a home. We are not a sanctuary. We work tirelessly holding and attending events to get the animals homes. We also volunteer many weekend days at pop-up spay and neuter clinics.