Local and Regional Animal Rescue

Dogs, cats and horses in need are rescued from the immediate Rosarito area, including tragic cases that would otherwise not survive.

Tragic to Magic rescues and temporarily houses and treats as many animals as we can handle without having a central sanctuary at this time. We house the animals at our own homes and highly depend on foster care and donations.

Veterinary Care

Most rescues need immediate veterinary care and some need more serious, ongoing treatment. Tragic to Magic has begun development of its local veterinarian relationships.

Animal Rehabilitation

In addition to the physical rehabilitation of the animal, care also includes socialization with humans and other animals. Tragic to Magic develops its local and regional network of professional dog trainers and animal therapists. 

Animal Adoption and Sanctuary

A huge focus of Tragic to Magic is to find each animal a forever home. A unique strength of our organization is to network internationally to facilitate adoptions in Southern California, the Southwestern United States, and as far away as New York City.

In addition to adoption resources, Tragic to Magic has a vision of developing long term sanctuary care, facilities, and land in Baja, Mexico for senior and unadopted animals so that they can have a high quality of life in their final days.    

Spay and Neuter

A key foundation in Tragic to Magic's local outreach is strong support for spay and neuter operations with our Mexican contacts and other organizations. We strongly promote the spay and neuter message to the public. In the near future, we hope to team up with other organizations that offer clinics. 

Education and Coordination

Dog breeding, which is rampant in the Baja area, needs to be addressed on a social and educational level. We intend to work with local veterinarians and media to develop a public message as to why this perpetuates substantial problems and why adoption is a better choice. We intend to learn how other facilities in the United States have been able to become “No-Kill” facilities. Our team will bring international best practices from the annual “No-Kill” conference held in the United States.