October 2018 - Newsletter #2

You made it happen!

Thank-You for Adopting, Inquiring, Donating and
                    Supporting ME to Save Precious Lives.
                                 Enjoy my 2nd Newsletter. Thanks for reading! 

October Feature:

Rose & Hope - Their Story


These two girls were found on some back streets in Rosarito and were hard to catch. They were really scared. But with medical care and love and good food they have completely turned around and they are now trusting and happy. Both now have forever homes. 

Rose was in bad shape...See the transformation and happy face in the picture below.

Hope had a broken leg and very scared.  She came thru with an enthusiasm for life and is truly enjoying everyday.  See the amazing girl in the video; she has come so far and it's this success that makes us keep doing this every day.


Hope's Happy Day (one of many)

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Here is an amazing video from a Tragic soul that came thru with flying colors and enjoying life.
Thanks to our volunteer for making this video of Miss Hope.  Enjoy the Magic.....

Happy Pups going to their Magic Forever homes.... IN SEATTLE!

Dana attended the Best Friends animal rights conference in LA this summer which has made it a goal of no-kill in any state by 2025. We learned that relocating homeless animals from overpopulated states, to states that have a shortage of available adoptable animals saves lives. Southern CA which is where we home the dogs is overpopulated and up North in the Seattle area they have a shortage. So when an opportunity came along to pick up a 5thwheel at the discount we jumped on it. We just completed our first trip which consisted up pulling up 20 dogs from San Diego to Puyallup Washington. It was SUPER challenging.  Nancy Ayello had to work her tail off to get them ready with perfect medical records and all the tests done. My volunteers and my sister Tanya took the dogs across. Ken my volunteer extraordinaire drove with me. Boy it was a lot of work.  Not only trying to walk the dogs at the rest stops but keep the cages clean. The first night exhausted we finally make it to our RV park where we had reservations. Started walking feeding and cleaning and promptly got evicted.  Guess RV parks are just a little quieter than we were. It didn’t help that 5 puppies that I put in a pen to clean their crates used team work to knock over the pen and run loose in the park and we ran around in a panic trying to catch them. Spent the night in a rest stop and seriously wondered if I’d lost my mind….but we made it and 17 dogs got adopted on Saturday and Sunday at Petco.   "SUCCESS"    

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Our Guardian Angel overseeing us ...as we get the Rescue Range ready. 
Because networking saves lives. Red Barn Rescue in Collaboration with Tragic to Magic have rented a large area to be the sanctuary where the dogs go as we get them healed physically and emotionally for adoption. October will be a busy and exciting month.  Please click on button below for more information on how you can help.

On a sad note Dana's  wing man …"Taxi"..is now that guardian angel. He passed and left us for  the other side of the rainbow bridge. He was a life changing inspiriation and friend who was deeply loved and terribly missed. 

       TAXI Pictures...Bless His Heart as he leaves his paw prints on her heart.....


We decided to retire the 5th wheel on our sanctuary and use it to house some of the workers. Instead we have acquired a little church bus with the seats taken out. We will use that for our next trip. We plan on about one a month. Stay tuned.



Adoption Events are held every week-end.  Visit website for locations and time.

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Please spread the word and help us to find forever homes for these wonderful souls. 


Most rescues need immediate veterinary care. Some need serious, ongoing treatment. Since we do not have a central sanctuary at this time, we house the animals at our own homes.

We cannot do this without passionate people like you!

If you'd like to be a part of our family and help these amazing animals, please consider adopting, fostering, or donating.